The current business acts like a black hole sucking in talent and resources, especially if times are hard and everyone focuses intensively on preserving it.
With a solid expert team and deep knowledge of IT markets, URBATECHGROUP is aimed at companies that want to improve their level of corporate innovation – a fundamental need in a digital world where new ideas and concepts are being generated daily and the pace of change is accelerating.
Founded in 2011 initially in UAE, our main activity tourn arround :
- Entreprise Architecture / Solution Architecture consultancy
- Mediation expertise
- Training and certification : Fraworx path ( eTom, Tam , SID)
as the innovation is the key driver of economic growth and is all about exploiting ideas rather than original inventions, URBATECHGROUP is tmforum member (www.tmforum.org).
Ligne d’activité URBATECHGROUP FZE

Partner that inspires confidence

In the past, service providers (especially communications service providers – CSPs) typically owned and operated their own infrastructure, developed their own services, and managed the customer relationship directly but, increasingly, services comprise different components from many types of providers who have to collaborate to provide an end-to-end service. This is driving the need for evercloser relationships in the digital ecosystem as the level of dependency on each party is continually rising.

Outsourcing and managed services have long been used by companies to address their tactical operational needs including cost reduction, increase execution efficiency, gain access to additional skillsets, or supplementing resources during transition or transformation.

For URBATECHGROUP managing relationships with other providers and delivering quality services end-to-end across a complicated ecosystem is a core competency for success in the digital world.

  • KPSA
  • KxDR
  • Tibco FP
  • InstantLink
  • EventLink
  • BSCS
  • IN CS4 / CS5
  • MediationZon


Since 2012 URBATECHGROUP succeed to support Accenture in handeling 9 Orange affiliate
The service delivered was :
Knowledge transfer assistance to launch the maintenance project
Build and setup developpment and test environment
Deliver many studies and projects under maintenance contract activity

Training center drivers

In the digital world, managing service levels can be more complex and dynamic than in a manufacturing supply chain. Both sides of the partnership have to be very clear about what constitutes the right performance and work off a common set of interactive processes, data, terms, and conditions.

Throw its training center, URBATECHGROUP is supporting their client and partner to be aligned with global standards to maintain their agility and inter operability.

we keep also our customer updated regarding the market changes throw our membership in tmforum.org research contact.